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Day 2

You can HEAR from God.

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    Two small sand buckets.  One small bucket used for rocks large enough to carry on a spoon but small enough not to be too heavy. The other bucket should be filled with some sand.

    Several spoons. If more than one child, both can take turns using the supplies.  Bible, VBC Family Journal and special pen


    K-Elementary. a.Wise man/Foolish man Thaumatrope:  print outs on card stock 2 circles, 2 sides each. There are skewer sticks (pointed end cut off), sand paper, gray or black squares of tissue paper to create rocks, & glue stick provided

    b. Stem:  create bubble wands w/pipe cleaners of various shape and try with a plate full of bubbles

    Supplies needed from home

    Day 1: Colored paper scraps (if they want), crayons/markers/or colored pencils to color target