What is Membership? A local church is a community of persons who are in a covenant of mutual care and common purpose under the leadership of Jesus Christ. When you become a member, you are declaring that this is not just the church you attend, it is your church for this season of your life. 

We receive new members several times per year. Members are formally received by the Session (the governing board of church elders), but the only requirement for membership is that a person is a baptized Christian (of any Christian denomination). If you have never been baptized but wish to be, please contact Rev. Hong


One of our priorities is to make sure that you feel known and cared for. Although we are growing, we don't want church to just be a place you go to. We want you to feel that you belong here.

We're a little too big for everybody to know everyone, but we're not so big that you'll be lost in a sea of people. We have an active group of Deacons who are wonderful resources for our members. They can help you get connected within the church!